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Meigs Mafia
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On this page we will describe our philosophy and Goals.

Our Mission : To Become one of the top Paintball teams in the country within 5 years.
         Also to make our feeder team the Jr. Mafia one of the top young guns teams in the world. 

We our a very intense group of guys who take our play very seriously. We don`t beleave in wipping even in tourney`s. We play fair and never cheat, we dont fight or argue with other teams or referees because we are all mature and let our play do the fighting.

Our History

     It all started with just some of the same guys showing up at Rag and Tag
Paintball Park on the same days for weeks. Before long the other regulars did not want us playing together because when we had 2 or more together we would dominate most walk-on teams. Well The owner Chad "Evil" Mckibben asked his best-most dedicated players if they wanted to start a team. The Mafia started playing together more serious around july `03 but still had trouble finding teams that would play us. To incourage teams to play so we could get practice we would normaly play teams 5 on 3 so we could get better but still getting all 5 on the field together allmost never happened.
      We did that about 6-8 months, Now we have a set practice schedule of sat-sun (drills) every other wednesday we have a scrimage against 2 or more teams, we run the plays that we practiced on the wednesdays that we dont play.
     we rotate from our home field to another not-so-local field every other wednesday to get play on different style air bunkers.
More to come...  

                  Meigs Mafia
                 Rag & Tag Paintball Park
                     38705 Staneart Rd.
                    Pomeroy, Ohio