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Rag&Tag Paintball Park

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Field Fee: $5.00
B.Y.O.P. Fee:$5.00
Rental Gun:$5.00
Rental Mask:$3.00
Rental Tank:$2.00
C.o.2 fills $2.00
H.P.A. fills first fill $5.00,
each additional hpa fill $1.00

First time customer`s pay no field fee

Package Deals:
Silver Package: Gun,Mask,Tank(full),+500 paintballs $27.00/...$22.00 for first timers.
Gold Package: Gun,Mask,Tank(full),+1000 paintballs $39.00/...$34.00 for first timers.
Additional Paint Prices:               High grade:$49.99 case of 2000
                                                     $13.99 bag of 500
                                         Low grade:$39.99 case of 2000
                                                     $ 11.99 bag of 500

Memberships are available for $200 and gets you free air fills (co2 or hpa), free field fee, and $5.00 discount per case of balls. You will receive a Membership card on a lanyard good for 1 year from purchase date.